Season 8 release

PUBG Mobile is bringing in some new changes to the game. A New Update is rolled out in PUBG Mobile in its 0.13.5 Beta version which comes with exciting new edition. So, This 0.13.5 beta has been updated with a number of new additions, including weapons, skins, outfits, rewards, and UI.The size of the new PUBG 0.13.5 update for Android users is 180MB and for the iOS users, the update size is 158MB.

The developers also have started rolling out a higher frame rate option of 60fps for high-end devices in this update. With the new season, PUBG Mobile now gets a new weapon called PP-19 Bizon. The new submachine gun uses 9mm bullets and has 53-rounds in a mag. However, it supports limited muzzles and sights.This new gun was first teased in the PUBG - Vikendi Snow Map Gameplay Trailer. One more major update of 0.13.5 is that it also adds the TPP game mode to Team Deathmatch room mode.If you interested in TDM or any kind of PUBGM tournament, is good for you.

Some of the other major changes include a complete UI, new rewards for each tier, a new algorithm and new title visual effects.The Classic mode results screen has also been adjusted.

To download the latest season of PUBG Mobile, just open the app and login to your account. If the update is available then a pop-up message will appear notifying you about the update and you are ready to go for the updates.