PUBG Mobile Club Open India Finalists Denied German Visa for Global Finals

The PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 tournament was announced back in March as the biggest mobile gaming tournament. Spanning over almost the entire year, it was the largest PUBG Mobile prize pool ever. The regional finals saw three teams qualifying from India who were set to represent India at the global stage. But according to a report, that might not happen at all. All qualified team members are facing issues with the visa process hence denying them entry into Germany.

This means that SOUL, TeamIND and Indian Tigers will not be able to make it to the PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring Split finals. Team SOUL has their first match on July 26, since they qualified as the winners and will directly be participating in the main event. This means that the members of SOUL still have some time to re-apply for a visa to play in Berlin.

However, TeamIND and Indian Tigers who qualified as second and third in the PUBG Mobile Club Open India finals, have their prelim matches on July 20, making it impossible for them to make it for them to reach Germany. Instead they will be forced to play prelims from India from the Nodwin office. This also means that they would have to deal with a higher ping as the matches will be played on the European servers. The team members, however, believe that if they can qualify for the next stage, then they could get their visas in time.

It is quite disappointing to see this sort of situation and the PUBG Mobile community in India is definitely going to be praying for positive results.

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